Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Admission Protocol and Eligibility Criteria

  • For Pre Primary Class (Nursery, KG-I, KG-II,) there will interaction with the parents and students. The child will be verbally examined.
  • For Classes I and II, the admission will be given on the basis of oral interaction and the grades obtained in the previous class.
  • For classes III to IX, written test will be conducted on the basis of syllabus in the previous class.
  • For class XI, written test will be conducted on the basis of the syllabus of class X and subject choice will be given according to the marks obtained in class X as well as in written test.
  • Subjects Offered :
  • Group-I ( Physics, Chemistry and Maths) , English Core  compulsory
  • Group-II ( Physics, Chemistry and Biology) ,English Core  compulsory
  • Group-III (Accountancy , Business Studies and Economics), English Core  compulsory
  • Group-IV (History, Psychology and Geography),  English Core  compulsory
  • Optional Subjects:- (any one)  Informatics Practices (IP) / Physical Education / Hindi / E-Ship / Maths.
  • The following subjects can be opted as per the eligibility criteria.
S.No. Subject Eligibility
01 Physics, Chemistry and Maths Aggregate 65% , Maths 70%, Science 70% separately.
02 Physics, Chemistry and Biology: Aggregate 65% ,Biology with Maths – Aggregate 70%,  Science and Maths  65%  separately.

Commerce : 

Commerce with Maths
Commerce with Informatics Practices ( I.P.)
Commerce wih P.E., Commerce with Hindi, Commerce with E-Ship

Aggregate 60%

Maths 65%
Science & Maths 55% separately
Science & Maths 55% separately

04 Humanities :

 Aggregate 55% 

English and Social  Science 55% separately.