Main Features

Main Features

Main Features of Pragya Girls School

In addition to regular academics, the most admired classes are Spoken English, Personality Grooming, and Mental Dynamics. Extra efforts in this area are appreciated both by parents and students.

In Parent Teacher’s Meet, the request is made to continue these special classes in future too, both, at Junior and Senior Levels. Yoga and Meditation are also our added attractions.

Preparing for new e-world

Training on Multimedia, Computer, IT-Quiz and Games etc. will be regular activities for the young ones. Students are made aware of the internet, cyber crime, latest software technology and its application in well equipped computer labs.

Links with the mother earth

In the race for modern life, nature is not abandoned. A pleasant garden and playground is provided to the little ones.

Field trips are arranged to various places of interest around the city to keep the children in contact with the roots of our culture and heritage.