Patron’s Message

Patron’s Message

Empowering Indian women must be a united approach, a cause that requires continued attention and stewardship by all. We need to augment our efforts for empowering women and enhance their progress. It is our moral, social and constitutional responsibility to ensure their progress by providing them with equal rights and opportunities.

Today, women with their smartness, grace and elegance have conquered the whole world. They, with their hard work and sincerity have excelled in each and every profession. Women are considered to be more honest, meticulous, and efficient and hence more and more companies prefer hiring women for better performance and result

The Indian woman of modern India has explicated in making a separate identity for herself. She now plays a very crucial role in the society. Whether it is in career development or in the seamless majestic development of women empowerment, the Indian woman is emerging as leader with potential.

With time though, modern Indian woman has succeeded in making a place of herself in the society to name a few , Sonia Gandhi, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kiran Bedi, Sania Mirza, Sudha Murthy and Indira Nooyi.

This organisation is dedicated towards the same goal of empowering a girl child for tomorrow.


– Shri Rameshwarji Patel