Pragya Girls School celebrated Dussehra with a lot of fervor and ardor on 5 October 2019.

A huge effigy of Ravana with ten heads was burnt after the RamYatra. The students enjoyed the serene atmosphere.The girls were attired in the costumes of Lord Ram, Lakshmana, Sita Mata, Hanumaan ji and wanar sena.

The primary objective of the entire show was to convince the students that no matter how intelligent a person is, his pride will be the reason of his collapse. They were informed that Ravana was basically very intelligent. His knowledge was equal to the knowledge of ten heads. His ten heads are symbolic of his great wisdom.
The Principal Ms. Reshma Juneja addressed the students and told them that the purpose to organize this celebration was actually to make the students aware of the of message i.e the triumph of virtue over the vice. She congratulated the teachers and the students for the coming festival season.

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